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All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive

Bartoline All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive is a traditional high-quality starch-based flake. Easy to mix in just 30 seconds, and ready to use in under 4 minutes, it spreads easily and has excellent slip properties for accurate positioning with long-lasting results.

Brush 79

Radiator Brush in white bristles. 

Pure Turpentine

Bartoline Pure Turpentine is a non-hydrocarbon naturally organic based solvent particularly favoured by artists for use with oil-based paints as a cleaner and thinner.

Boiled Linseed Oil

Bartoline Boiled Linseed Oil is suitable for use on soft wood garden furniture.

Teak Oil

Bartoline Teak Oil has been specially formulated to replace natural wood oils in hardwoods such as Oak and Teak, giving back the sheen that is lost after long periods of weathering.

White Spirit BS245

Bartoline White Spirit is a top-quality solvent refined to meet the strict requirements of BS245.

Multi Purpose Powder Filler

Bartoline Multi Purpose Filler Powder is an easy to mix and simple to use traditional filler ideal for preparing surfaces by filling cracks and holes in walls, ceilings, around door frames and skirting boards.

Lamp oil

Bartoline Lamp Oil is a refined hydrocarbon low odour oil fuel with low smoke properties making it a popular choice for consumers both inside and out.

Bi-material handle mason's scraper

Varnished blue-stained steel blade, 7cm wide, large bevel sharpening, unbreakable bi-material handle in ABS choc and elastomere, ergonomic shape (Registered pattern).